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Caviro Extra's daily commitment is to generate products with high added value from the waste products of the Italian agri-food industry.

The by-products treated and enhanced re-enter the economic cycle, becoming raw materials; what remains from this process - sludge, waste, effluent - being an organic mass, still has a high potential for recovery, which the Extra Eco-Energy business unit transforms into energy and soil improver, thus completing Caviro's commitment to environmental sustainability.

In its anaerobic digestion plant, waste from the processing of winemaking by-products and wastewater provided by Italian agri-food companies generates biogas which, further purified, becomes advanced biomethane for automotive use.

From the outset, Caviro has pursued a commitment to renewable sources, producing energy from its own processing waste. In 2011, a Joint Venture was established with Herambiente, which gave rise to Enomondo, a company partially owned by Caviro Extra that produces electricity and heat from the combustion of biomass and natural fertilisers.

With the most recent development of advanced biomethane and the total recovery of the CO2 resulting from this process, Caviro Extra demonstrates that it is pursuing its environmental vision and is at the forefront of operational processes to implement it.

What remains from the anaerobic digestion processes, together with mowing and pruning cuttings (shredded and sifted) and other organic residues from agri-food processing, goes through a composting process resulting in Econat composted soil improver.


Advanced Biomethane

Ever since the 1980s, Caviro Extra has been producing biogas, a gaseous fuel obtained from the fermentation in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic digestion) of residual materials from the food processing industry. The process is carried out at a controlled temperature by active microorganisms that convert the raw material into biogas, most of which consists of methane, and the remainder of CO2 and other minor components.

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Advanced Bioethanol

Also known as biofuel, bioethanol is an alcohol extracted from the by-products of grape processing, particularly pomace.

It is used as a natural and automotive fuel, directly blended with petrol and/or for the production of ETBE (ethyl tertiary butyl ether)

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The total production of electricity obtained annually at the Faenza site is approximately 100 Gwh; the group has also recently installed some recharging columns for electric vehicles at the Faenza plant, which are available free of charge to customers of the nearby Caviroteca in addition to company...

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Other products

CO2 recovery

Since 2020 we have been operating a plant that allows us to recover discarded carbon dioxide from the biomethane plant, purifying it to the highest level of standards for food use, then cooling it to a temperature of -30 °C, transforming it into a liquid and storing it in two tanks.

The plant is a...

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Thermal Energy and Electricity

As a result of the joint efforts of Caviro Extra and Enomondo, a company in which Extra and HeraAmbiente each hold a 50% stake, most of the electricity produced at the Faenza site is obtained from a biomass cogeneration plant, capable of generating thermal energy at the same time.

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Composts and Soil Improvers

Econat's green composted soil improver for use in organic farming (ACV bio) and mixed composted soil improver (ACM) are both quality composts, certified by the Quality Mark of the Italian Consortium of Composters. ACV bio is obtained from raw materials of ligno-cellulosic origin, i.e., from residues from the maintenance of public and private ornamental gardens and green areas; ACM is produced from mowing and pruning, vegetable waste and waste from agro-industrial processing.

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Caviro Extra offers a qualified service for the collection and purification of wastewater resulting from the manufacturing processes of industrial companies in the food sector.

The service is active throughout the calendar year and is carried out in full compliance with the regulations in force. The company is, in fact, equipped with a regular Integrated Environmental Authorisation (provv. AIA 5292 of 15/11/2019).

The Caviro Extra plant in Faenza is able to treat 320,000 tons per year. The wastewater is intended for anaerobic digestion for the production of biogas.

Discharge is carried out in a closed environment, in two warehouses equipped with suction and combustion odour abatement systems to reduce odour emissions as much as possible.



Biological agri-food sludge from the treatment or pre-treatment of process/processing water, flotsam, sludge, processing waste and/or plant/machinery washing water.

If the material is not suitable for anaerobic digestion, Enomondo may consider taking it back for composting.

In order to be used for biogas production, the material taken back must still be rich in organic matter, undigested and not even partially stabilised.


The BIOGAS resulting from the anaerobic digestion (in mesophilic terms) of the recovered waste is transformed into biomethane through an upgrading process and delivered to the distribution network to be used as automotive fuel.

The upgrading process also generates a flow of CO2 that is recovered, purified and liquefied for various industrial uses.

A smaller amount of BIOGAS is sent to an endothermic engine for the production of electricity, which is fed into the grid and distributed by the operator.

For more detailed information on the destination of the renewable energy sources produced, please read our product files: biomethane, electricity, CO2.

The process produces a liquid flow and a solid flow.

  • The supernatant (liquid) is sent to the oxidation stage to be purified and then partly discharged into the public sewage system and partly (about 30%) recycled as technical water.
  • The digestate (solid) undergoes a dehydration process and is then composted.




The energy produced in 2019 from renewable resources at the Faenza plant, including electricity, biogas and biofuel, enabled a saving of 82,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels, equivalent to the absorption of a forest of 19,000 hectares, an area larger than the entire territory of the municipality of Milan.

(ISPRA data: based on 4.29 tonCO2/ha)


Caviro Extra produces 45,000 tonnes of oil equivalent every year in the form of electricity, biomethane and bioethanol.

In essence, T.O.E. is the amount of fossil fuel that would have to be consumed to obtain the same amount of energy.

The annual saving in fossil fuels is therefore around 300,000 barrels per year; if these could be stacked on top of each other, we would obtain a stack 54 times the height of Mont Blanc.


100% of the electricity used by the Caviro Group in all its locations is green.

It is self-produced by the Enomondo company, certified with G.O. (Guarantee of Origin) by the GSE (Gestore Servizi Energetici) as coming from renewable sources and distributed through quotas by the Consorzio Risorse Energetiche.

Andrea Farolfi

Depuration Services Sales Manager



Premio impresa ambiente

With this award, the Faenza-based Group is a candidate by right for the European Business Award for the Environment. A new investment of 10 million euros in the green sector is planned over the coming months.

The Caviro Group, with the project "From the vine to advanced biofueling, Caviro makes this possible", has won the Italian Environmental Business Award 2020 in the category "Best management for sustainable development for medium or large enterprises", for companies that demonstrate a strategic vision and a management model capable of ensuring continuous improvement and a constant contribution to sustainable development by combining environmental, economic and social aspects.

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La Rivista della Natura has dedicated a special 8-page eco-dossier to Caviro Extra: a circular economy model for a sustainable future.
Caviro Extra has had circularity in its DNA, right from the start. This commitment has lasted for decades and made it a leading company for the circular economy, in Italy and abroad.
In this special report, published in the December issue of La Rivista della Natura and available free to download on our website, you can find an overview of the processes carried out in the Caviro Extra plants, where waste from the agri-food chain is given a new lease of life as high value-added products, energy, biofuels and natural fertilisers.

We are proud of our achievements. Our attachment to our origins has become a driving force for innovation and research, to promote a better and more sustainable future.

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In occasione dell'edizione 2021 di Ecomondo, BioGasChannel ha intervistato il Direttore Generale di Caviro Extra Fabio Baldazzi.
Fabio Baldazzi fa il punto sui nuovi progetti avviati, come l'impianto per il recupero totale della CO2 risultante dal processo di produzione del biometano (7 mi...

Capofila dell'iniziativa è il Gruppo Caviro che, nello stabilimento di Enomondo di Faenza (RA) produce CBMix, una miscela che unisce ammendante e biochar. Quattro i paesi coinvolti nella sperimentazione: Italia, Spagna, Belgio e Cipro.
È entrato nel vivo «Black to the future - Biochar and ...


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