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Caviro Extra, thanks to the Caviro Group's winemaking supply chain, can receive pressed must from its member wineries in 7 Italian regions.
This can be selected according to grape variety, territorial origin and typical quality, and is used to obtain natural, concentrated, rectified or boiled processed must.

Caviro Extra represents a completely safe choice, thanks to careful control and selection along the supply chain, to a raw material that is perfectly in line with

the specifications for PGI products, quality certifications and current standards, and to Italian standards for products destined for the wine, food and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI markets.

From the marc, an important by-product of grape pressing, the Extra Mosti ed Estratti division also obtains the dried grape seeds required by the food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries and, from the pomace of red grapes only, oenocyanin, a natural food dye.


Traditional Concentrated Must with ABM Certificate

The must belonging to vines recognised as suitable for the production of ABM and traced along the entire chain certified by CSQA, are brought to a concentration suitable for becoming a basic ingredient for ABM, also according to clients’ requests.

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Boiled must with ABM Certificate

The must is boiled and concentrated at atmospheric pressure until it reaches the ideal conditions for caramelization of the sugars in keeping with the high natural components of the must, which will then become a highly characteristic ingredient of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI.

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Food Sector

Grape Sugar

Forty years of experience in this sector have placed Caviro Extra at the forefront of production technology and product knowledge.
A peculiar characteristic of grape sugar, not found in other sugars, is the presence of pentose and hexose sugars and sweet polyalcohol, which are obtained thanks to a...

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White and red concentrated grape juice

The must of white or red grapes, deriving from vines for table wine and beverages and selected on the basis of its organoleptic characteristics, is dehydrated of part of its water to a concentration level previously agreed with the customer.

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Boiled must (Saba)

The must is boiled and concentrated at atmospheric pressure until it reaches the ideal conditions for caramelization of the sugars in line with the high-quality natural components of the must, which will then become a highly characterful ingredient for condiments.

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Rectified Concentrated Must (RCM) for must and wine enrichment

Forty years of experience in this sector puts Caviro Extra at the forefront of production technology and product knowledge.
RCM is used to enrich or sweeten wines and for refermentation in the preparation of sparkling and semi-sparkling wines.

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Desulphurised Must

The product is obtained from the desulphurisation of white or red must and is intended for the production of sparkling or semi-sparkling wines.

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Oenocyanin is a natural reddish-purple dye, represented by anthocyanin pigments contained in the skins of red grapes.
Natural dyes are increasingly in demand in food preparations and Caviro Oenocyanin Extra, extracted from red grape skins, is a product of the highest quality.

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Grape seeds for polyphenols

Caviro Extra produces dried grape seeds for the extraction of polyphenols (OPC), compounds with high anti-oxidant properties that are used to maintain a healthy body.
Obtained from fresh grape pomace of selected origins and varieties for maximum polyphenol content, through a separation and drying p...

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Grape seeds for Oil

The pomace that Caviro Extra collects in large quantities from Caviro Group's member wineries, and from other wineries in various regions of Italy, contains small pips, called grape seed; this contains within it 10-20% of a valuable oil, rich in linoleic acid, with its anti-cholesterol Omega-6 prope...

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Tannins (OPC)

The tannin produced by Caviro Extra is a natural extract from Italian grape seeds.
The tannin produced by Caviro Extra is a natural extract from Italian grape seeds.
Caviro collects quality seeds and produces the polyphenolic extract, which takes the form of an ochre powder, rich in antioxidants s...

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The Caviro Extra Must and Extracts division develops a range of high added value ingredients that can be applied to different industrial sectors.
The main ones are:


Rectified Concentrated Must is a liquid and transparent grape sugar consisting in equal parts of glucose and fructose.
It is suited to the new demands for healthier and more natural foods, as it has a higher sweetening power than sucrose, a reduced calorie intake, and better digestibility and assimilation.


Caviro Extra produces musts for oenological use and is certified in the treatment and production of Boiled Must and Concentrated Musts suitable for Modena Balsamic Vinegars PGI, from authorised vines.
It is also suitable for the treatment of organic products according to EC regulation 834/07. Desulphurised musts for sparkling wine bases and fermentations. The company also makes its facilities available for processing in Conto Lavorazione.


The grape seeds are extracted from a selection of fresh, unfermented grape pomace, separating them from the skins and stalks, to be subsequently used for the extraction of polyphenols, natural antioxidants used in a variety of sectors and fundamental ingredients of many cutting-edge products.


Production Chain


Caviro Extra produces musts for every need, always starting with the raw material par excellence, the grape.

After crushing, the musts are selected, which, once cooked, will form the basis for Balsamic Vinegars of Modena that are appreciated all over the world.

RCM (rectified concentrated must), grape juice and saba find their place in the very high demand for fruit sugars by food companies.

Finally, a third part is used in winemaking, closing a circular process that starts with grapes and ends with wine.


Oenocyanin is a red food dye derived from grape marc..
Natural dyes are increasingly in demand in the food sector and Caviro Extra Oenocyanin, extracted from red grape pomace, is a top-quality product.

Separated from the other pomace, which will then be used for the extraction of grape seeds for polyphenols and grape seeds for oil, the red pomace is subjected to diffusion processes for the production of oenocyanin. Once spent, it is processed as biomass for the production of energy and natural fertilisers.


In nutraceuticals, polyphenols are a basic element for food supplements.

Caviro Extra extracts grape seeds suitable for the production of this very important food supplement, with recognised antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, from fresh, unfermented grape pomace.

Once the grape seeds have been extracted, thanks to drying and separation treatments, the spent grape marc is used for energy production and in composting plants, once again turning into added value and contributing to the circular vision of the economy that is typical of Caviro Extra.


Caviro Extra extracts grape seeds from the already fermented marc, a typical waste product, by means of drying and separation processes, which will then be used for the production of vegetable oils.

For Caviro Extra it is important to make the most of every raw material, as far as is technically and economically possible: once the grape seeds have been extracted, the spent marc will become biomass for the production of natural fertilisers and energy, helping to cover the company's energy requirements and returning to the land from which the original raw material, grapes, derives, thus perfectly closing the circle.



Caviro Extra has always been involved in the collection and valorisation of marc, lees and tartaric material.

For all wineries and farms these materials represent a waste product to be delivered to appropriate facilities, able to treat it according to the regulations.
Caviro Extra offers a punctual and precise collection service, in order to avoid any impact on production processes.

Every year, in the period before the beginning of the harvest, Caviro Extra offers its service to all producers, regardless of their size, for the collection and purchase of the by-products of the wine production process.

Caviro Extra recovers marc, lees and tartaric material throughout the Italian peninsula: contact us for further information!

Paolo Serra

Head of Purchasing By-products, Raw Materials and Commercial Musts




Our partnership with CHR Hansen involves yet another innovative and sustainable solution, also rooted in nature: the extraction of a natural dye, Oenocyanin, from grape skin.

The colour is extracted from grape skin after the grapes have been used to make red wine. In other words, the production waste is transformed into a valuable resource thanks to the partnership between the Danish company CHR Hansen and Caviro.


Having developed and implemented an R&D project conceived some time ago at the Group's plants, Caviro Extra is now ready to further exploit one of the most precious resources that its recovery cycle makes available: the TANNINS contained in fresh marc.

After selecting the best origins and varie...

On the morning of 18 September, Caviro Group’s Faenza plant hosted the Minister for Parliamentary Relations, Federico D'Incà, accompanied by several senators and local administrators.

During the visit, guests were introduced to Caviro Group's circularity model and its constant commitment to recove...

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