The circular economy is an economic model that aims to preserve the value of natural resources over time by promoting the reuse, recycling and regeneration of products, components and materials, enabling minimal use of new raw materials and energy within the production cycle and, therefore, reducing the environmental pressures caused by the extraction of resources, gas emissions and the greenhouse effect and due to waste production.

Transition to a circular model acts as an alternative to the so-called "linear" economy, defined by the paradigm “Take-make-dispose”, and based on the assumption that natural resources are available, abundant, easy to extract and cheap to dispose of.

Safe-guarding the environment has always been one of the main missions of Caviro Group.
This commitment is realised in the exploitation of sub-products of the Italian agri-food industry through the most advanced technological and process competences.

Every year Caviro Extra gathers around 370,000 tons of musts, lees and marc and effluent which – at the two treatment plants in Faenza and Treviso – can be turned into semi-processed products and raw material for agronomic, industrial, pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies all over the world.

This is where Caviro Extra’s experience comes from, a reality that, after years of growth, now consists of 4 business units:

  1. Italian market leader in the production of alcohol;
  2. World co-leader in natural tartaric acid;
  3. Producer of MCT and MCR, grape juice, grape pips and enocyanin;
  4. Active in the treatment of agri-food effluents and in the production of biomethane and natural fertilisers.


Caviro Extra’s innovative project sees the transformation of biogas produced entirely from agri-food renewable waste into biomethane.

This product is then released into the national methane grid to fuel road transport vehicles.


The compost originates from the natural decomposition of organic substances through a process of bio-oxidation.
Econat soil improver is a verified quality compost, produced from residues of the maintenance of public green areas, and therefore allowed in organic farming, or from vegetable recyclable waste and recyclable waste coming from the agri-food industry.

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